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Enter city names as they appear in Google Maps to avoid receiving a "request for interview" from undesired companies or filial companies


To be validated during the interview by the hiring company:

  • None
  • Basic= to understand words only
  • Intermediate = to understand and express simple ideas
  • Advanced = to fully understand and to express fluently

Industrial Sector | Know-How & Skills

CNC Manufacturing
Conventional Machine Tool Operations
Mechanical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechatronics & Electromechanics
Quality Control & Reverse Engineering
Aircraft Assembly
Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Surface Treatment Processes
Material Properties
Welding & Sheet Metal
Original Equipment Manufacturer | OEM
Aerospace Engineering

Transportation Sector | Know-How & Skills

Land Vehicle Mechanic
Land Vehicle Aesthetics
Boat & Ship Mechanics
Boat & Ship Maintenance
Aerospace Maintenance
Aerospace Inspection

Information Technology Sector | Know-How & Skills

Computer Engineer
Information Systems Analyst & Consultant
Software Engineer & Designer
Interactive Media Developer
Web Developer
Computer Network Technician
Information Systems Testing Technician


File format in either .pdf | .doc or .docx (8 MB) [mandatory]